Eric Moe Art
A collection of works created by Eric Moe
Eric Moe Art
"Centipede’s Dilemma" by Eric Moe
"A centipede was happy – quite!Until a toad in funSaid, ‘Pray, which leg moves after which?’This raised her doubts to such a pitch,She fell exhausted in the ditchNot knowing how to run."-Unknown

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"Qualia" by Eric Moe
Qualia is the idea that because we only know our own senses, the world could be completely different than how we perceive it. So perhaps my red is your blue?
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"Neutral Correlates of Consciousness" by Eric Moe
NCC: The “road map” stimuli supposedly take to enter our consciousness. I created a literal map as a way to explain this term, and included a Necker Cube, a visual aide used to research this phenomena. 
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WIP: “Neutral Correlates of Consciousness” 
A digital thumbnail that quickly became too complicated to replicate in any other format. I’m going to render all of those lines in map patterns.
(Phenomena of) Consciousness Concentration
"King of Hearts"